Appreciating the Little Things

| 6/28/2018 9:36:00 AM

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Finlee helping with chores

The long days of summer are here.  Incredibly blue skies, brilliant sun, the songs of birds busy catching breakfast for their little ones. Yes, it might be easy to complain that it’s been too wet or too dry or too hot or too cold or too buggy or too muggy… But, honestly, don’t let the internal complainer ruin the beauty in the day.  There are so many little things to be grateful for, all around us each day.  Pay attention to them, celebrate them.

In our last week’s Thursday afternoon creativity workshop (part of a series inspired by Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, so join us if you can from 3 to 6 pm), we explored the pervasiveness of scarcity mindset and how this creates a toxic misinterpretation of the creative process.  What is the antidote to scarcity mindset, to that gnawing feelings of not enough-ness?  Gratitude! 

As part of the workshop, we had a two-minute free-write on five topics pulled from the hat, each framed within the lens of gratitude. Here’s what I wrote that afternoon.


Insufferably hot day in the garden.  Gnats nipping at my face, smarting like their tiny bodies must be all teeth like a Parana. But then, Oh, the breeze, beloved breeze picks up, chasing them away. The breeze and the dragonflies are my best allies in the summer garden. They help me maintain my focus on the work at hand and not be completely driven out by the bugs.


Simple gift, a smile.  Takes fewer muscles than a frown, especially given how the act of smiling can serve to lighten the mood.  But how often the frown, the grimace, the look of pain. A genuine smile (like that given by your mother) is an oasis in the sea of suffering.  It’s like a gift, a bit of peace, when given truly.

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