A Fiery Love

| 10/18/2013 10:23:00 AM

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dead trees“This situation is going to call for a lot of patience. To be patient in an emergency is a real trial.” - Wendell Berry

Seldom do we hear the ideal of a fiery love, a love powered and fueled by rage at injustice, unnecessary suffering, and the destruction of life. We are aware of the ideal of love as patient and kind, and that’s an important characterization of love when we hold the reins of power. But with regard to the environmental crisis, this is a truncated and dangerous understanding of the power of love. Love, when rooted in the unyielding ground of reality, is nothing less than the most potent force for change and renewal in our world.

Now to clarify a bit about anger, a potent energy in its own right. To borrow an image from Sojourner Truth, anger is both the realization that the world is upside down and the power to turn it right side up again.

We’re an angry people, and rightfully so. As an angry people, though, we want to see massive change “now.” We are a people with apocalyptic leanings; we favor a “big bang” approach to creating a new world over the long, slow work of cleaning up after ourselves. We don’t much enjoy the organic process of change, working to create fertile ground in the midst of the wasteland.

10/19/2013 9:46:36 AM

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