A Raw Deal

| 9/26/2008 11:05:14 AM

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A group of 15 almond and wholesale nut farmers in California have filed a lawsuit against the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for a 2007 regulation requiring them to spray or steam-heat their almonds before selling them to customers. The spray they have to use is propylene oxide, which the EPA classifies as a carcinogen.

The regulation came as a result of two salmonella outbreaks within the past 10 years that the USDA linked to raw almonds from California, though some sources say one of the outbreaks originated largely from one of the bigger almond factory farms in the area.

Family-owned and organic farmers — those hurt most by the mandate — claim it has choked their profits and upset their customers because sprayed or steamed almonds aren’t technically considered “raw” anymore. Their case is based on the opinion that the USDA exceeded its authority and didn’t follow proper procedure to pass the regulation.

Farmers say the USDA should enforce less risky production practices in larger factory farms instead of requiring all farmers to spray their crops.

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9/29/2008 1:17:31 AM

Yes, well the government gets big bucks from the pharmaceutical companies. That's why antipersperant deoderant has been listed by the FDA website as they "can't conclusively say that it is linked to breast cancer", but just to cover their behinds, they list the research, which directly cites that 87 percent of those tested with the product... developed breast cancer. DUH. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE. Big Brother isn't looking out for our best interests anymore. But we knew that a long time ago. This is why colonists left England and fought for independence, taxation without representation- but now there is no new land to colonize and run away to. We are stuck here.

Miranda Heart
9/26/2008 4:40:46 PM

It always amazes me when the government requires that we kill people instead of using smarter farming practices. DOH!

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