Farming Advice: An Activist Christmas Gift, Unclaimed Clothing and Spring Bulbs

Farming advice from MOTHER and her readers, including an economical activist Christmas gift idea, buying unclaimed coin laundry clothing and brightening your yard with forced spring bulbs.

| November/December 1982

Forced bulbs for the winter yard

MOTHER-reader plants the bulbs in various containers and forces them to bloom . . . then sets her planters out in bright areas indoors . . . and has beautiful blossoms during the otherwise dreary winter months.


MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers share their farming advice, fun tips and country folklore, including a unique and economical idea for an activist Christmas gift, collecting coin laundry unclaimed clothing for cheap and decorating your winter yard with pots of forced spring bulbs. 

Barb Elam wanted to extend holiday greetings to her friends in a manner that was both economically feasible and emotionally fulfilling. So the Pomona, Illinois reader and her husband devised some unique gifts that not only cost just 78 cents each to produce, but also helped spread the spirit of good will. The Land of Lincoln residents simply typed up the following message . . . enclosed several stamped postcards, already addressed to the recipient's political representatives . . . and placed both in an envelope decorated with recycled ribbon.


We hope this finds you happy and healthy! In place of a traditional gift, we offer this list (and the addressed postcards) in the hope that you will let your opinions be heard. We feel the time has come to speak up. Following are some issues upon which you may be interested in expressing your views, whatever they may be:

defense spending
social program cuts
solar energy funding cuts
nuclear energy
nuclear weapons
tobacco subsidies
foreign military intervention
hazardous waste disposal
James Watt
development of wilderness areas
relaxing clean air standards
gun control
drunken driving
cancer-causing food additives

We urge you to keep abreast of these and other issues that affect all of our lives. Make your friends aware of pending legislation in such areas, and encourage them to write to their representatives. Talk to people about your opinions and—most important of all—get involved.

Peace on Earth,
Dave, Barb, and Kit

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