4 Reasons to Drink Goat's Milk

| 1/14/2016 10:04:00 AM

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Our family drinks goat's milk and we love it. We made the switch to goat’s milk about two years ago. When we decided to buy our own Nubian does so we had our own fresh supply of goat milk we got a lot of puzzled looks and questions. Not many people in our sphere of influence drink goat’s milk so we have a great opportunity to educate those we come in contact with about the benefits.

Before we decided on a breed we did our homework and tried milk from many different breeds. We liked the taste of Nubian milk because of the high butterfat content. Higher butterfat content makes the milk taste sweeter.

Some dairy goat breeds have qualities that make their milk better for cheese making. Their milk usually has a much stronger (and maybe even unpleasant) taste. If you’re interested in learning about the different breeds we suggest doing your homework as well. There are many helpful articles like “Choosing a Dairy Goat Breed” that outline the pros and cons of each breed.

So why do we drink goat’s milk and not cow’s milk? We have four main reasons:

1. Lactose Intolerance and Cow's Milk Allergies are a Problem in Our Family

Why does this matter for us? Goat’s milk is about 10% lower in lactose (milk sugar) than cow’s milk. While that doesn’t sound like a significant amount it’s a big enough difference that lactose intolerant people typically thrive on goat’s milk, which is the case for our family.

1/18/2016 7:08:29 PM

Thanks for the great question Lori. Yes, you can make butter from Nubian milk, it's very well suited due to the high butter fat content. With goat milk being naturally homogenized the cream does not readily separate from the milk. My daughter loves to make goat milk butter and what we do is fill several jars and leave them in the fridge for 4 to 6 days. At the end of that time you can skim about a quarter inch or more of cream off the top. This works fine but doesn't produce huge amounts of butter like cows milk does. I've read they make separators that work well for cream but we've never tried one. Hope this helps!

1/18/2016 9:28:49 AM

Hi, thank you so much for all the great information! We are planning on getting dairy goats, but still in the info gathering stage. I was wondering though if you can make butter from Nubian milk? If not Nubian, is there a breed that would be more suitable?

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