Green Transportation

The latest and greatest on the many ways to move around, from electric cars and hybrid vehicles to commuter and electric bikes.

EVCCON 2011 – 500 miles in a day (twice), in an EV

By David Hrivnak

How I traveled 500 miles in 24 miles (twice) in an electric vehicle.

MAX Update No. 90: Why 'Real Old' Beats 'Old'

By Jack McCornack

Why pre-1960 race cars were more efficient than post-1960 race cars, and thus a better example for high efficiency highway cars.

Converting your Prius or other Hybrid into a Plug-in Electric

By David Hrivnak

Conversion kit install to convert a hybrid vehicle into a plug-in electric and improve your gas mileage by 25%.

MAX Update No. 89: Good Work Car

By Jack McCornack

To improve MAX's versatility, the passenger seat is removable, which converts MAX from a couple carrier to a cargo carrier.


MAX Update No. 88: The Minimum Windscreen

By Jack McCornack

A video demonstration of MAX's windscreen, which deflects air around the driver's face with minimal aerodynamic drag.

Nissan Leaf Test Drive

By David Borden

David Borden, a long-term MOTHER EARTH NEWS reader and auto enthusiast, reports on the performance and comfort of the all-electric Nissan Leaf.

1999 Green Transportation Advances: E85 Fuel, Hybrid Cars and Fuel Cells

By Sam Martin

Right before the new millennium, automakers and vehicle technology innovators are looking to decrease emissions and bring new, greener cars to the masses. Originally published as "'Cell'ing New Fuel" in the August/September 1999 issue of MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

MAX Update No. 87: MAX at the Track

By Jack McCornack

MAX at its first autocross. Hey, it's a sports car, right?