MOTHER EARTH NEWS Wins 2012 Eddie Award for Guide to Green Cars

| 12/4/2012 5:01:10 PM

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Hard work pays off! Eddie Awards logoWe're proud to announce MOTHER EARTH NEWS is a winner in the 2012 Eddie Awards sponsored by FOLIO:. This annual award ceremony honors outstanding accomplishments in both print and digital media by celebrating outstanding editorial work. FOLIO:'s competition is the largest and most prestigious in magazine publishing. Gold, silver and bronze winners were announced in November 2012.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS was given the exciting news that the Guide to Green Cars took home a gold in the Supplemental Annual/One-shot, Full Issue category. Congratulations are in order for the Special Issue Editor, John Rockhold, and his team who worked together to produce the guide.

The Guide to Green Cars provides information on purchasing new or used fuel-efficient cars, comparing over 50 hybrid, diesel and electric vehicles with a 35 or higher mpg. This special bookazine produced by MOTHER EARTH NEWS is filled with reviews that highlight the price, mpg, air pollution scores and more for each vehicle. Articles listed in this guide include Buying a Green Car, How to Calculate Gas Mileage, Best Green Cars Now and Later and much more.

If you are in the market for a new car now, or want help with a future purchase, this guide provides everything you need to choose your next fuel-efficient vehicle. You can purchase the Guide to Green Cars on the MOTHER EARTH NEWS shopping page.

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