Wood Powered Cars of Every Kind

| 6/16/2011 7:58:22 PM

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 I spent the last few weeks looking at all the cars and mostly trucks running on wood gas. I thought there where a lot of them but come to find out there really is not many. Most have many gauges and switches and look like they are a pain to start and drive.

 This next video looks way to complected for the average person but claims to be top of the line. I would like to see this guy at the Salt Flats we would tear that truck up in coolness, easy of operation, speed and handling.




So my mission was to build one that was easy to start with little to no motor modification that anyone could operate. One you could drive for miles worry free and even let your mom drive. So I went back to the design board and with this in mind have completed the challenge and am ready to share the driving operation and easy of use of the all new Mercury Beaver XR7.

t brandt
6/17/2011 6:19:25 AM

Very impressive demonstration. How long will it take to denude your valley of trees if several of these vehicles became operational there? We have several centuries worth of natural gas available in this country which is easily used in autos. I drove a Dino Ferrari/Fiat 35 years ago powered by natural gas or gasoline- just flip a switch to change back & forth. It would do 140mph. "Wood gas" is mainly methane, the major component of natural gas. It's a relatively easy process to set up the infrastructure to turn gas stations into natural gas stations-- and then nobody needs to chop wood just to go for a drive.

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