Three-wheeled Truck Gets 72 mpg

| 7/9/2008 1:07:04 PM

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Hybrids, electric vehicles, public transportation, bicycles and walking are good options for green transportation. But a small vehicle that gets up to 72 mpg and can go as fast as 45 mph seems like a good transitional step, too. Priced at less than $6,000, the Wildfire WF251-T deserves a closer look, even if it burns gasoline in its 248cc engine.

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Eric Smathers
11/27/2009 10:59:55 PM

Ok. I've been watching these for about a year. After months of talking to dealers across the US it has become obvious these vehicles are well over priced for the quality. I also verified that the vehicles and parts are continuosly hung up in customs. There is a lot of talk Wildfire is reluctant to stand behind their product. I'm done trying to get you dealers lower prices to an appropriate level. I realize your prices are a reflection of what you are paying for them. I have not had a responce from any of you even making an attempt to straighten out the problems associated with Wildfire. I'm no longer an avocate for these vehicles. I'm now a very loud skeptic who will continue voice my negative veiws against all 3 wheeled vehicles Wildfire offers.

12/19/2008 11:00:22 PM

i have a wildfire 25o t its junk it will run 32mph wide open red lined and many other compt i have with it very disappointed with it

Mojdeh Roshangar
8/11/2008 11:55:35 PM

Personally,its a perfect option for me.A vehicle that is meant for one to two people,can park easily.The price will be lower and it will have better option of luxury items,better radio/CD,and better safty features,but these kind of vehicles have limited's like owing a scooter or a motorbike.You're still going to need 4 wheels vehicle.Not effective on highways nor safty.Let see what happen when you get into an accident.This vehicle would only be good for inner city or other country that's populated with people and vehicles.

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