What Do You Think of Toyota Now?

| 2/26/2010 4:00:24 PM

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Recently, we asked visitors to our website what they think of Toyota in the wake of the automaker's recall problems.

For background (if you haven't heard), last September Toyota recalled 4.2 million cars because floor mats could cause the accelerator pedal to stick. Then in January, another 2.3 million cars were recalled for sticky accelerator pedals. Just a few days later, they amended the floor mat recall to include an additional 1 million cars. The recall included more than 8 million vehicles total. 

A majority of those who voted in our poll still have a positive view of Toyota. 

  • 65 percent of respondents thought Toyota’s problems are only temporary and believe they still manufacture quality cars.
  • 12 percent said they may buy a Toyota in the future, but not anytime soon.
  • 12 percent said they will never buy a Toyota, and they will never trust the company.
  • 9 percent were not aware of the issues with Toyota.

The past few days of Congressional hearings about the recalls have revealed more information, including details that the original fixes may not totally correct the problems.

As more information becomes available, what do you think about Toyota now? Do you drive one of their recalled cars? If so, have you been able to get it fixed? Would you consider purchasing a Toyota in the future? Share your thoughts by posting a comment below.

More Information About the Toyota Recalls

Toyota Recall Information website

derek link
11/16/2010 9:37:38 PM

Toyota has demonstrated crass, morally bankrupt decision-making in its new LAME commercial ads. I would not buy a Toyota if it was the greenest vehicle on the planet, not if it laid golden eggs. Toyota executives are morally bankrupt and the USA should boycott the brand.

lina payne
9/9/2010 1:50:40 PM

Just because Toyota has had a problem with one line doesn't mean that the whole company should be put under the microscope! I live in NJ and all of the http://www.1800autoland.com/ dealers I have vistited to buy a car after the recall were all very much aware of my concerns and coached me through the selection process. Toyota is a great car and I still feel very safe.

lina payne
9/9/2010 1:46:59 PM

Just because Toyota has a problem with one line doesn't mean that the whole company should be banned! I live in NJ and all of the http://www.1800autoland.com/ dealers I have vistited to buy a car after the recall were all very much aware of my concerns and coached me through the selection process. Toyota is a great car and I still feel very safe.

josie elmstrom
5/1/2010 11:08:00 AM

I still want a Prius! When will that be? As Clark Howard (on Headline News) says, "How long should you keep your current car? Till the wheels fall off!" My paid-off, regularly-maintained 2003 Dodge Neon only gets 38mpg on the highway, but hey... I learned my lesson; car payments and "scheduled warranty check-ups" are the Devil! I'm keeping this Dodge "till the wheels fall off"!

3/21/2010 10:16:53 PM

Ok, this is starting to turn into a one sided discussion, which rather makes my skin crawl. If Mother Earth News is all about green, all about independence, someone needs to point something out about the Toyota recall. Toyota was not called before congress because they made a car with a faulty door latch or one of the many things that cause routine recalls on American made cars, on Hondas, on BMWs and Mercedes.... They were called to explain why the ignore a battery of complaints about a given problem that jeoparized the lives of American citizens. Forget what share of GM the government owns, they own huge portions of the banking industry, and, no suprise, they aren't attacking HSBC for unfair lending practices... This was an issue of Toyota engaging in evasive behavior involving a serious problem. As for everyone who is trotting off to buy a new Toyota, I encourage you to think twice, not because they aren't good cars, but because you are an American living in America. I know that Ford, GM, and Chrysler have made some mistakes in the past, but so have I, and so have you. I would encourage you to go out, and give their products another try... American's are losing their jobs left and right because we as a country are much too fast to ship jobs over seas and sell out... All I can say about a sense of national pride is, "How many Hyundai have you seen in Germany?" Ultimately, you can argue Toyota's are made in America, but, where do those taxable profits return to?

julia rain
3/7/2010 10:52:07 PM

I live out on Guam and our Toyotas come from Japan instead of the U.S. They've always had great reliability out here. We purchased a Tacoma last year based on that fact and the fact that out here, you want a car whose parts are regularly stocked and the local mechanics can fix. So far, we've gotten a letter asking us to remove the floor mat (like that really has anything to do with anything). I've only had one acceleration problem, when I was in park, engine off, and the car shot forward 2 feet. What I have had are A LOT of phantom electronic problems. I think that the biggest factor in choosing a car these days is knowing where that car's parts are made, especially the electronics. A lot of U.S. cars have Japanese parts, Japanese cars have American parts, most have Mexican made parts, etc. Outsourcing is great in saving costs - but it could sacrifice in quality. Especially if you consider that parts made in several different countries might not "co-operate" with each other fully. My hubby used to work for Xerox and he's had to explain machine problems to people by saying well this part is from Mexico, this from Japan, this from Ireland and they're talking to each other, but they aren't understanding one another at all! Same problem with cars. Frankly, I don't think I would believe anything Big Business says, no matter where they came from.

3/7/2010 12:43:43 PM

My son is a Master Toyota technician and has worked for the same dealer for 20 years. I trust his word as the truth, and he tells us and whoever asks his opinion that in all the years he has worked for the company he has never seen any of the problems being publicized in the news. When these stories began to circulate, he ever tried to replicate what was supposedly happening with the same model-make cars, and was unable to make them occur. Furthermore, he and all his fellow workers are now putting in hundreds of hours of overtime to check out each car being brought to the dealership by customers. No matter what you want to believe of Toyota executives, give these hard-working guys a break! There is no coverup here, no attempt to overlook real problems and send them back on the road. Lemons can turn up in any manufacturing arena, the automotive industry included. Do we drive Toyotas ourselves, YES, Will we continue to buy Toyotas, YES. Do I think the Federal government should be in the automotive industry, NO. Do I think it affects the way they have handled this investigation, YES.

robin c. rutan_1
3/6/2010 9:35:45 PM

It seems to me that we are becoming a society of short memoried blamers. As if no one ever makes errors. Drug and food recalls are rampant. A recall is a way of saying OOPS! We made an error and need to fix it. Sorry! I bet that design flaws. My 2007 80,000 mile Prius, that I bought new, has a worn out front mat from all the use. I can't wait to get a new one from Toyota.

eileen hawk
3/6/2010 6:12:56 PM

Do you all still have your jobs? Keep putting the money into the pockets of foreign countries and see what happens. I think the US automakers are waking up. They have produced some good vehicles. The people working there are hard working family people too, whether you like unions or not. It is time to start protecting our products like other countries do with fair trade agreements and fair competition.

charles j_3
3/6/2010 10:31:17 AM

The thing is the American car makers do not need to be "forced" into a recall. They admitted the problems voluntarily. It required several deaths and hundreds of customer complaints to encourage Toyota to recall the vehicles and they continued a campaign of coverup involving their vehicle recorders that apparently are installed in all Toyotas. One has to wonder what other things they are hiding. The story about the woman losing her life as her car smashed into the side of the building when she was had both feet on the brake was enough to deter me. For a long time I had really wanted to get a Prius. I thought they were high tech and super efficient which means I could drive really far without spending as much on gas. More freedom right? However, recently I was in a car accident where someone ran a red light and t-boned me so hard I spun around. The other car was almost totalled. My Ford held up extremely well. I mulled it over and over and over again, there was just no way, no amount of defensive driving (other than not leaving the house in the first place) where I could have avoided the accident. Witnesses said they were amazed at how well I tried to avoid the redlight runner. When I was younger I was all about fast and efficient cars. Now I am getting older, I am starting to see how important safe is. I see more and more people running red lights and driving violently and discourteously. Sometimes we have no choice in the matter.

julie casey
3/6/2010 9:19:04 AM

I wonder why Congress is making such a big deal over Toyota's recalls. American-made cars have been forced into major recalls many many times in my lifetime. Could it be that our government now has a controlling interest in two American automakers? This is what concerned me from the beginning with the automaker bailout. Now Congress is going to be manipulating the U.S. citizens into buying their products. It only makes sense. They have a controlling interest; they need to make their business profitable. So let's make the problems of foreign automakers seem much larger than they are.

3/5/2010 8:38:27 PM

I would not by another Toyota. Not, because of the recent recalls, but because of the high cost of ownership for the life of the vehicle. Repairs are costly compared to U.S. cars and trucks. I have several pickup trucks for business use, and in the long run, Ford or Chevy trucks beat out the competition for cents per mile per ton load. My 92 F150 has 220K -original motor and trans, 06 Chevy -92K, no repairs at all (just new tires). Plus both were several thousand less than Toyota.

3/5/2010 6:26:10 PM

our family just bought two more Prius, installing a plug-in on one of three this weekend...looking still for a better pricing, for the teens. wonder how we, as a collective, would have reacted if it is $5+ a gallon for fuel right now. -Paul

judy adams
3/5/2010 5:54:40 PM

I most certanly would purchase another Toyota. I have a 1993 with 168,000 miles sitting in my drive at this moment. Never a problem, starts at -8 below after sitting outside and still gets 34 MPG on the road. If American manufactures had made this quality a vehicle they wouldn't be in the sad state they are in. Detroit was nothing but greed and corrupt unions. I know this from personal experiance as my peers were part of that scene.

anita heady_3
3/5/2010 4:03:25 PM

We have owned Hondas for years but bought a new 2006 Toyota Matrix. It did not have the obvious quality of the Hondas we had owned, and from the first few months we had trouble with the gas pedal; it would stick when pressure was applied and then jump forward. I could never accelerate smoothly from standstill and it was irritating for me and uncomfortable for passengers. We brought back to Toyota once and then mentioned the problem every time we had an oil change. "There's nothing wrong with it" was always the answer. Well, we traded it in for our Honda CRV in August--it's perfect in every way as we have come to expect from Honda. Toyota quality was a real disappointment, especially since Toyota's are always more expensive.

joe juarez
3/5/2010 2:32:26 PM

There is a word that corprate bean counters use that condones calculated risk for profit. I believe with Toyota this was the case. I think they had discovered these defects early on in each case, but decided it was economically beneficial to keep quiet about the defects in order to save money. I feel we as consumers were again taken for granted and now the excrement has hit the fan. You would think that the corprate world(especially Wall Street) would have learned from their past mistakes and/or the mistakes of other corporations.

3/5/2010 12:04:11 PM

i like Toyota we bought a used truck for $300.00 it had 200000 miles on it had to fix the transmission cost $ 100.00 used it for 4 years had no trouble let my son in law drive it for 6 month . when we sold it it was still ran great and sold it for $500.00.

3/5/2010 11:58:09 AM

Recalls are not a new thing, and domestic makes are no better, so I think it's a push to attempt to regain a little ground for domestic auto makers. BTW, Toyota was the only brand out there not to scrap their Hybrid Technology program 14 years ago back in 1996 like Ford, Chrysler, and GM did, so give them credit for pushing the right technology at the right time. http://www.electrifyingtimes.com/DodgeESX/intrepid_flashback.html

millie _1
3/5/2010 11:18:19 AM

We have owned a Toyota Avalon for over 5 years and it is wonderful. We maintain it well and it feels and looks like new. We have never experienced a problem with it. We love it! Toyota has done so well through the years and when compared to the multiple problems we face with American cars, this barrage of criticism on Toyota seems exaggerated. I have a Chrysler (bought it before I knew they had the worst rate of problems with domestic cars) and it has been to the dealer numerous times with a problem they can sem to fix. And in the process of regular maintenance problems occur. As customers we should be looking at the good standing that Toyota had throughout the years - they will bounce back!

shawn henry
3/5/2010 11:07:02 AM

Nows the time to buy a Toyota. Get a Great deal.

3/5/2010 10:37:40 AM

Please amend my comment to say, the "US Government owns shares in GM".

3/5/2010 10:29:31 AM

I think there is something "political" going on here. I heard that congress has shares in US companies and that is why they are dragging Toyota through the mud, or something like that. If this is true, it is disgusting. I have owned Toyota's for years. There is no comparison between them and US-made vehicles which break down very quickly. (I also have a Ford.) That is why they cost more. We had one that had 200,000 miles on it yet in 13 years only needed brakes once. One Toyota made it to 1 million miles (or maybe it was km). What about Ford's recalls for brakes years back? That was never publicized the way this was yet brakes are far worse as a safety issue than accelerator pedals/floor mats. Putting my car in neutral is a lot easier than not having brakes. Many other US vehicles have had more serious recalls, yet this was never made into such a stink. It's always about money and someone is not playing fair. Mother - have you bought into it too?

3/5/2010 10:28:28 AM

If this had been one of the big 3 it would have been "ho hum, business as usual". Far too much is being made of it. The overall quality and efficiency of Toyota still far surpasses the domestic company product. The domestic 3 have so little long term vision they have created tremendous overcapacity, gas hog SUV's, killed innovation when it wasn't legislated (the EV1)and required how many billions of bailout dollars?? And don't address the bailout by mentioning Ford. I worked making parts for their products for years, would reject parts that didn't meet specs and then get in trouble for "not being a team player". The culture is cheap, cheap, cheap! I own Toyota, I will continue to buy Toyota!

terry burns
3/5/2010 9:37:02 AM

Yes I would buy a Toyota. Toyota shoud give away a "Obama kiss my tail pipe" sticker with each car,for new owners to show their support.

bryant cochran
3/5/2010 9:36:48 AM

I've owned three toyotas, all were good vehicles. The concern I have now is that the president of the company at first was not going to respond to the congress. This shows me that he knew full well the problems with the cars, and was going to do the typical, ignore the problem. I have a problem with that point of view, that innocents get hurt or killed should immediately raise red flags everywhere, particularly with consumers. Greed has taken over good sense in all the business world, this is just another example of the trend of companies to be most concerned with the bottom line instead of putting out the best product they can. When corporations think the buck is most important, perhaps it is time for the consumer to stop making the purchases, when that money stops flowing let us see how fast they make changes in attitude and product quality. We have power, we just have to be willing to do without some conviences to get the message across to the greedy business populace.

dennis h
3/5/2010 9:27:05 AM

Cecil Dean hit the nail on the head saying that the US Gov. owns 60% of GM and the lame-stream media is blowing this all out of porportion. I work in Fleet Maintenance and I recieve every recall issued from the USDOT and there are a lot, on all makes and models of vehicles. We are not hearing anything about all these other recalls are we. I own a Toyota MR-2 with 243,000 miles and would not hesitate to start a cross country trip. Since we are talking about automobiles, my hat is off to FORD. They did not take any of the Gov. bailout money and are doing well. The next vehicle that I purchase is going to be a FORD.

s j_2
3/5/2010 9:25:06 AM

Well there seems to still be a negative consciences toward the domestics and rightly so. As far as quality J.D.Powers (the watch dog) states they are all basically very good cars. GM got slamed because of poor management practises and will have a hard time getting the market share back. This does not mean they make crap. Ford is feeling very smug right now but I remember a time of exploding fuel tanks (Pinto) and rollovers (Bronco II and Explorer)). Toytoa will get through this and move on, with time. I am not sure that what is on the table right now is the whole fix for the problem with Toyota's cars. I have had the chance to drive many cars and find all of them have downs and ups with that said the Chevy Volt will be my next car.

dennis h
3/5/2010 9:22:14 AM

Cecil Dean hit the nail on the head saying that the US Gov. owns 60% of GM and the lame-stream media is blowing this all out of porportion. I work in Fleet Maintenance and I recieve every recall issued from the USDOT and there are a lot, on all makes and models of vehicles. We are not hearing anything about all these other recalls are we. I own a Toyota MR-2 with 243,000 miles and would not hesitate to start a cross country trip. Since we are talking about automobiles, my hat is off to FORD. They did not take any of the Gov. bailout money and are doing well. The next vehicle that I purchase is going to be a FORD.

karl roth_3
3/5/2010 9:04:18 AM

If you ever wondered how the Witch trials in Salem could have ever happened... Walla. Mass hysteria what a mess.

3/5/2010 9:00:42 AM

Toyota has manufactured there cars in America long enough now that they've adopted the American car making standard where quality and safety are WAY down on the list. Build the quick, build them cheaply and make HUGE profits for the CEOs and shareholders. I had a car dealership tell me that inspection of vehicles isn't a priority because they feel it's cheaper to let the consumer find the problems. Then the dealer acts surprised or doesn't see it no matter how much you point it out. ONLY until it becomes a legal or full blown public issue does the American business plan think it's worth addressing. Otherwise they love the phrase "buyer beware."

cecil dean
3/3/2010 9:13:26 PM

I think with the goverment owning 60 % of GM they are blowing a lot of this up to increase sale of GM. Look at the past records of recalls for the Big 3 and Toyota does not look as bad.

3/3/2010 7:42:06 PM

I have two Toytotas,older 1990's models and my wife and I are both extremely pleased wit them.Other than maintenance issues there have been no major problems.My truck has 178,800 miles,original engine and tranny,no major issues with either.It had its first tune up at 174,000 miles.I wish I could say our american companies built machines that well but we do not,simple as that.We could,but they have a history of not listening to customers needs and a host of quality issues.I am going to keep on buying Toyotas or Nissan,or even VW's until the domestic car companies break down and build a reliable vehicle thats priced within reason.

3/3/2010 12:38:56 PM

Just look through the BS, Ford has reported a 50% jump in sales since this whole debacle. Toyota has always made excellent cars, this could be considered economic false-flag.

pat miketinac
3/2/2010 9:35:21 PM

Considering the number of recalls by other companies out there, why is there such a focus on this one? I suspect that there is more to the story than we are being told.

3/2/2010 12:19:09 PM

I've owned Toyotas, but my next car will be a Ford. They did not take bailout money, they're an American company and their quality and styling is better than Toyota.

todd reece
3/2/2010 11:19:32 AM

"Above board"? They delayed YEARS on these issues... "above board"... I wonder how tolerant you'd be if they were GM made.... There are constant recalls btw, of all makes and models. Production quality is performed by robots now within aircraft tolerances, not manual labor. Most problems are either in the electronics or CPU or programming now a days.. or in this respect, a singular part that was designed incorrectly, thus a design fault. By the way GM found this problem (same vendor) and fixed it on the assembly line before it ever got out of the factory.

diane sample
3/2/2010 9:54:29 AM

I would not hesitate to buy a Toyota. The response of the company to all the bad press and problems has been above board. The new advertising lately has definitely been reassuring. I have no doubt that they're going to be better than before. People will be watching the government to see what response they have to recent allegations against GM products. I'll just bet that they'll go easy on them...

3/2/2010 8:55:54 AM

I have owned Toyota's since 1973. I worked for the finance division of Toyota for over 12 years. I would continue to buy Toyota's, and since my 2005 RAV was totalled last week, will buy another Toyota very soon. Toyota has a history of quality made cars. I think when the US Government started interferring in Toyota's business and made them start producing cars in places other than Japan, it left the field open for compromises to the Toyota Way. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's Toyota's creed to build a quality auto no matter what it takes. They have introduced autos and trucks that didn't perform as they expected, removed them from the market and fixed them, then reintroduced them or gave up that model. I believe they will fix this. I also hope this will give them the opportunity to go back to the way of business that got them where they are today - autos produced in Japan where they can have more control of the quality.

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