Bike and Walk to Work for Better Health

| 5/16/2014 4:43:00 PM

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Bixi Bike Rental StationAre you able to walk, bike or use public transportation to get to your workplace? If so, grab your sneakers and start now because bicycling and walking to work have been proven to have long-term health benefits.

study by Imperial College London and University College compared workers’ methods of commuting with the state of their heath, using data from a survey of 20,000 people across the U.K. The researchers found that bicycling, walking and using public transportation were all associated with a lower risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and being overweight.

Anthony Laverty from the School of Public Health at Imperial College London reports, "This study highlights that building physical activity into the daily routine by walking, cycling or using public transport to get to work is good for personal health."

Physical exercise can be incorporated into daily routines with little extra effort when people bike or walk to work. Plus, being outdoors and exploring the city has been associated with relieving the stress of a hectic workday.

In the U.K. study, 19 percent of working age adults who commuted via private transport — such as cars, motorbikes or taxis — were obese, compared to 15 percent of those who walking and 13 percent of those biking to work.

Tips for Walking and Biking to Work

5/21/2014 1:38:06 PM

Great post! So many car trips are less than 2 miles, a range where cars are inefficient and more polluting per mile than on longer trips. I would add to the tips: dress for visibility. As an avid cyclist, I feel like I have more trouble being seed in the daytime than at night. Bright clothing, blinking lights and waving flags help a lot. Oddly I feel more seen at night with tail and head lights and a few reflectors, especially on pedals and wheels.

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