The Flare of Gasification

| 4/19/2011 9:55:02 PM

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  Chip here from Beaver Energy with the latest prediction on gas prices. Would you believe over four dollars a gallon, or is it already can't keep up with it myself. Got the Cougar start-up flare fired up as you can see in the video and she is being upgraded to 3” pipe from the gasifier to the engine. This is something it need last year but time ran out of time before it was on its way to the Salt Flats. I am also making a new air mixing valve for better control, an automatic grate cleaning device and new atomizing spray cooler and filter. I will be posting video on the progress next time. 


 We are looking forward to the Silver Springs Mother Earth News Fair this year! Out of all the events we have been to this is by far my favorite. I saw some things there that I had never seen before and really look forward to going again. I really enjoyed explaining the inner workings of gasification of organic material and demonstrating the versatility it offers.

Early Morning at the Fair 

We have been invited to appear on Good Morning America some time this spring and can't wait to cruse down Wall Street in the Mercury Beaver XR7. When I get the date I will let you know. Until next time honk your horn as you drive past the gas station in your wood powered car, I do.


Jim Mason
11/12/2011 3:01:12 AM

chip, great idea and fun project. but have you calced the density of wood gas yet? despite the hydrogen content, the rest is relatively heavy and offsetting of the hydrogen boost. the co2 is the largest hit. yes, it is slightly lighter than air, but barely. and as steam and co2 go up, things get worse. the heat will likely be more relevant than the gas density win. here's a page with the calcs for how different gasses contribute to air mass. Here's a page where we argued about the molecular and volumetric mass of wood gas. nonetheless, the wood gas zeppelin needs to be built and made to work. glad you are on it. jim

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