Take a Look Inside a Prototype Plug-in Hybrid Toyota Prius at the 2010 MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR

| 9/26/2010 9:31:54 PM

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How do you turn on a Prius? Is it a small, cramped car, or does it have room for the whole family? Answers to these questions and more when MOTHER EARTH NEWS Managing Editor John Rockhold takes a look inside a prototype plug-in hybrid Prius at the 2010 MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR.


10/6/2010 7:56:17 PM

Hey Charles, You are partly correct. I was a big advocate of manual transmissions until I started researching the CVT's. Constant Velocity Transmissions keep the engine operating in it's most efficient RPM. Much better than a manual transmission. And my ne car has an ECO mode where it predicts what speed I really mean to be holding by my pedal position and 'feathers' the transmission to hold that speed - even puts it in neutral to coast down hills. As for the push button starts, well that is just plain cool. :) (it is way more secure than a standard 250 combination key)

10/4/2010 7:00:02 PM

RELATED CONTENT: Gasoline-electric Hybrid Technology Comes to Heavy Trucks Toyota????????????? I would like to see TOYOTA give one away each month in a lotto drawing...Maybe that's the way to get people out of gas powered auto's in the long-run... Just my 2 cent's

Charles J_3
9/28/2010 3:49:28 AM

I really dislike the automatic gadgets that add to the expense and insecurity of the car. Take the wireless key and pushbutton starts for example, this will make carjackings easier and if there is an emergency where one needs to turn off the car by normally turning the key it will now be impossible. This is what I don't like about the new Fiesta. Why have the redundancy of a pushbutton start? Because of cool factor? Sorry I guess I am too old for that nonsense and prefer to be in control. All that is needed in the Prius to be automatic is the electric and gas motors, regenerative brakes and the huge battery and maybe the trip mpg computer. (I would like one to come in manual transmission thank you) All other gadgets add weight, drain power and add unnecessary expense.

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