Stand up and Sign on for a Walkable America

| 12/12/2010 6:52:06 AM

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americawalksI honestly expected to sleepwalk through the Equal Footing Summit.

I knew the half-day visioning session for America Walks was a critical and exciting step for the national pedestrian movement. But the September event was sandwiched in the middle of a nearly monthlong conference road trip for me. I was more than a little fried.

Maybe it was the incredible, unparalleled energy of Mark Fenton — the animated former race walking star who talks as fast as his feet can move — who facilitated the discussion. Maybe it was the interactive structure of the session that broke the mold of the tedious talk-at-you format. But the Equal Footing Summit turned out to be the most energizing four hours of advocacy I spent this summer.

And it’s not too late for you to get involved, either.

But, wait. I know what you’re probably thinking. I’m not a pedestrian. I’m certainly not a pedestrian advocate.

But every single one of us is a pedestrian. Even if you’re a die-hard bike commuter. Even if you live in a rural area where walking to your closest neighbor’s house would mean packing a lunch for the journey. Even if you’re so enamored of your motor vehicle that you hop in the car to drive 50 feet to the mailbox. Any way you cut it, walking is the most basic and universal form of human movement. And, even if it’s just traveling from your parking spot or bike rack into your office or local grocery store, you spend some portion of your day as a pedestrian.

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