People for Bikes: One Million Voices United for Better Bicycling

| 10/11/2010 12:48:23 PM

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PFBlogoWhen we take the time to write a letter to our members of Congress, we all like to think our duly elected officials read and react to our concerns and ideas. But let’s be realistic. Many times, those notes never get past the eyes of administrative staffers. If we’re lucky, we might get a polite form letter with the Congressman’s stamped signature in response.

But rally a million people and deliver your message in dramatic fashion directly to Congress? You better believe policymakers will pay attention. Social change is built on strength of numbers.

That’s the logic behind the People for Bikes campaign: A million voices united to show Congress there’s a big, broad, vocal constituency that cares about bicycling.

For many, the 2010 National Bike Summit had a clear highlight. Ray LaHood, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, didn’t just show up and give lip service to the assembled bicycle advocates. He literally jumped on a table, broadcasting in enthusiastic form his commitment to elevate biking and walking to equal status as the automobile. Not surprisingly, LaHood’s message — and theatrics — drew media headlines and made an impression in the halls of Congress.

Now you can broadcast your message to Congress, too — no table-leaping required.

The National Bike Summit was also the start of the People for Bikes campaign. The ingeniously simple idea came from the Bikes Belong Foundation, an organization funded by the bicycle industry to improve funding, infrastructure and policies related to biking.

Jason McRoy
10/16/2010 8:51:09 AM

Certainly a worth while effort, though I have to admit a bit of disappointment that they're not actually organizing a million person ride in DC. That would be sweet.

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