Mother Earth News Fair in Oregon and Our Solar Bus

| 10/9/2017 9:44:00 AM

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Hello Mother Earth News people.  I am proud to announce that we made it to the Albany, Oregon Mother Earth News Fair! Better yet, we made it with the Solar Electric VW Bus!!!!

 Mother Earth News Fair, Albany, Oregon

As you know we added a new bank of Lithium Iron Phosphate cells and added another 1000 watts of solar power in the form of an awning. With 45kw-hr of storage, and 2200 watts of tracking solar we headed for Albany. We had hoped to leave by Thursday night as we needed plenty of charge time during the journey.

However, Thursday night I was literally still in the process of finishing the 1000 watt flexible solar panel frame. The 1000 watt solar array consists of a 35 lb aluminum frame and five 200 watt flexible solar panels.  With the panels weighing just 7 lbs each, the total array comes in at 75 lbs. This array is powerful, lightweight and quite rigid.

Building the frame

Thin film panels from the underside 

mother earth news fair 2018 schedule


Next: August 4-5, 2018
Albany, OR

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