Can an Inertial Storage Transmission Double Your Car's Mileage?

Carmen's Inertial Storage Transmission can double your car's mileage, learn about this car transmission invention and how it can benefit your car mileage.

| November/December 1977

LEFT: The IST Fiat and IST components (inset). RIGHT: Mr. Carman's IST Granada has a few extra hoses under the hood.

LEFT: The IST Fiat and IST components (inset). RIGHT: Mr. Carman's IST Granada has a few extra hoses under the hood.

Photos By Martin Fox

Carmen's Inertial Storage Transmission is the key to greater car mileage.

The Good News is that Vincent Carman's new transmission can double your car's gas mileage. The Bad News is that — thanks in part to bungling by the U.S. Government's Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA) it may be decades before this fuel saver is on the market.

Portland, Oregon's Vincent Carman is an honest, straightforward guy . . . and the revolutionary automobile transmission he's invented is the same kind of animal. It's a simple, straightforward combination of off-the-shelf components that don't do a blessed thing . . . except simply and straightforwardly double the gasoline mileage of a passenger car or other internal combustion engine-powered vehicle.

Getting this new fuel saver developed and put on the market, however, is proving to be a somewhat more devious and complicated breed of cat.

The Inertial Storage Transmission is a Reality

It would be easier to understand Mr. Carman's current development and marketing frustrations if his new piece of equipment was merely a vague daydream that he'd sketched out on a place mat in a greasy spoon restaurant somewhere. But it isn't.

Vincent's Inertial Storage Transmission (IST) is already in its third or fourth generation of development, it has been endorsed by the National Bureau of Standards and championed by Senator Mark Hatfield and Congressman Robert Duncan, several versions of the transmission have actually been road tested, and the U.S. Postal Service is interested in equipping a whole fleet of vehicles with the IST . . . just as soon as ERDA conducts some "independent" tests on Mr. Carman's invention.

9/9/2007 7:34:16 PM

Hi, What is the stock symbol for Vincent's Inertial Storage Transmission? I see the article is from '77, is the stock still in existience?

3/5/2007 9:43:49 PM

Mother Earth does not show any plans on how to make this unique transmiss- ion. I would like to see any if they are available. Thank You, BD

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