Home Grown Alternative Energy Fuel Making

| 3/30/2011 6:36:03 PM

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Hello again and what a month of natural and man made disasters.  We have had everything from historic earth quakes, tsunami, nuclear meltdowns and oil wars, what's next, high oil prices! 

 I found out an interesting fact last week that one tablespoon of oil is equal to one day of manual labor, and one tank of gasoline equals two years of manual labor! As amazing as this is, it would not be possible to convert this to labor unless there were some way to turn the fuel into useful work.  In other words you just can't burn the fuel and get a field plowed or move a large load of material to the house, that is where the internal combustion motor makes everything possible. So how much labor would a pound of home grown organic fuel get you? (disclaimer “I am not sure”) Well if you just eat it, a day, and if you turn it into fuel for a motor, the same.

So, how can we turn organic fuel into motor fuel with out expensive machines? I have done some research and have found some interesting alternatives to pellet machines. One such way is called fire balls, this is where organic material is loaded into a rotating drum with some stones or metal objects and after some time it makes small balls that can be used in a gasifier.


Another way is called fuel pucks this is where organic material is soaked and then pressed into pucks with a home-made press made with a car jack. 


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