Teardrop Trailers Offer Space-Saving Comfort

Tow a compact teardrop trailer to your favorite campsite for a frugal, yet stylish, getaway.

| April 30, 2013

Little Guy's 4-wide platform teardrop camper

Little Guy's 4-wide platform trailer shows the classic teardrop-shaped profile of a teardrop camper.

Little Guy Teardrop Camper/Trailer

Sleek, retro teardrop campers are back in style among environmentally-minded travelers who want to maintain a small carbon footprint — even while on vacation.

Also known as teardrop trailers, these campers were popular in the 1940s and 1950s but took a back seat when motor homes came into fashion. Teardrops have an aerodynamic, teardrop-shaped profile — hence the name. A teardrop trailer's compact size makes it easy to control, and its low weight makes it inexpensive to tow. And teardrop campers are so well-suited to towing by medium-sized or small vehicles that some of the tiniest trailers can even be pulled by bicycles. The fuel savings are substantial, especially when teardrops are compared to gas-guzzling recreational vehicles.

Although petite in size, teardrop campers pack a lot of function into a compact space. Their efficient design typically places an interior sleeping cabin and an exterior kitchen galley into a 4-by-8-foot floor plan.

You can get onboard the teardrop camper revival by following these links to manufacturers' websites, or by downloading teardrop trailer plans to build a camper yourself.


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7/15/2016 9:11:57 AM

Mother Earth's recycled articles, like this one from 2013, contain info that is still useful. Mother Earth might, however, wish to check the links at the end of the article to see if they are still valid before republishing. The first link I clicked on was for a site that, in 2016, no longer exists.

5/10/2013 2:23:58 PM

These are cute as buttons, and placing the kitchen in back is pure genius!

5/10/2013 12:28:21 PM

As I mention in my book, 'Surviving Urban Crisis' (Amazon) "Lil' Guy" makes an excellent off road type teardrop that can follow your bug out vehicle anywhere a 4x4 wheel drive Jeep type vehicle can go.

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