Geraldo Rivera visits MOTHER EARTH NEWS

ABC-TV film crew filmed Geraldo riding in MOTHER's methane powered car.

| January/February 1977

Thanks to Judy Helsinger (one of Bantam Books' dynamite publicity people), Geraldo Rivera (yes ladies, the Geraldo Rivera) and an ABC-TV film crew recently visited MOTHER's facilities down here in the mountains of western North Carolina. During the course of that visit, Geraldo had a chance to see and report on some of the experiments in self-sufficient living that we always seem to be working with.

Among the other things that Geraldo inspected "down on MOTHER's farm", were a methane-powered car, a 2-kw windplant and bank of storage batteries and the all-electric house that they light and partially power, a variety of solar cookers, MOTHER's solar-heated editorial offices, and a 4-by-4-by4 foot sprouting cabinet loaded with growing shoots of alfalfa, lentils, wheat, and oats.

Many thanks Geraldo and ABC and Judy Helsinger for helping us carry MOTHER's word to folks who wouldn't otherwise have seen it.

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