Can You Make a Car Battery Last Forever by Draining It and Adding Motor Oil?

| 12/1/2008 12:00:00 AM

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I was told by a friend that this trick will make a car battery last forever: Run a fully charged battery until it dies. Then pour out all the water and acid in it and replace them with motor oil. Then charge the battery and it will last forever! Will this really work, or was he smoking something bad? 

Chuck Hembree 

Greer, South Carolina 

Chuck — I ran the idea by several experts who have vast amounts of knowledge and experience with batteries, auto mechanics and general transportation technology. The adamant reactions varied from "nutty" to "no place in reality" to "very dangerous." Laughs aside, the latter is the most imporant point. It's dangerous to tinker with a battery like that, especially with the acid. Don't try this at home.

— John Rockhold, managing editor. Find him on .

Kevin Tho
2/24/2014 4:32:35 AM

The Car Battery plays a vital role in the vehicle system. It provides the power whenever the charging system cannot carry the excess load. It also maintain the electric flow of the charging system when it is not operating. The car battery is the most important part of the car, that why battery check up is essential. Draining car battery has many reason to be done Car batteries can lose their charge for a variety of reasons. However, there are four common problems that can cause a battery to drain slowly. If your battery was running fine the last time you drove and now won't start the car, one of the following problems may be to blame. If your ignition is turned off but the electrical devices such as your radio presets, security alarms or clocks continue to run, it can drain your battery.

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