MAX Update No. 88: The Minimum Windscreen

| 2/16/2012 10:57:45 PM

Tags: MAX, 100 mpg, fuel economy, windscreen, windshield, GoPro, Jack McCornack,

Sorry for the delayed update, folks, I’ve been mastering iMovie and YouTube and the GoPro Hero2, which is an amazing little solid-state HD video camera.

And speaking of little and amazing, you ought to check out my amazing little windscreens.


I pride myself as a minimalist, and to maximize comfort and minimize drag and expense, I’ve been experimenting with…

A minimalist? The pessimist says “The glass is half empty,” the optimist says “The glass is half full,” and the minimalist says “We’ve got about twice as much glass as we need here.” In keeping with that philosophy, I’ve been working on the minimum windshield capable of perform its titular task—that is, shield me from the wind—and found I don’t need a windshield at all; a windscreen will suffice.

You’ll find the difference between an automobile windshield and a windscreen defined in your local Vehicle Code, but in brief, a windshield is something the driver looks through, and as such, it must be made of safety glass and be equipped with windshield wipers. Well, MAX’s windscreen comes up to my moustache and I don’t look through it, so I can make it out of whatever I want. It’s a little-known fact, but very few states require windshields, though they all require eye protection (which I provide with safety glasses and/or goggles), and if you do have a windshield, the all demand it be made of The Right Stuff and have at least one wiper.

3/8/2012 3:46:13 PM

Same thing that keeps a bird from hitting my face on a motorcycle--clean living and blind luck. In a couple of (maybe three) MAX Updates I'll be starting on the New Improved Windshield and a front rollbar. In my neck of the woods, a deer is dang near as likely as a bird.

3/3/2012 5:07:24 AM

So what keeps a bird from hitting your face? Once in my MX5 on the hwy, a bird hit my windshield. It's head/neck got stuck in the wiper and smeared all over my windshield, just as a school busload of horrified children passed me.

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