MAX Update No. 55: No Go in Rally Green

| 8/22/2010 11:18:12 AM

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Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. 

— John Lennon 

I didn't make it to Rally Green. These last two weeks did not go according to plan.

I'd given myself a full week to get MAX from Oregon the Iowa, so it could be a leisurely drive and I could show off the new body to some friends. I even had my doctor give me a physical the day before my departure.

“How long have you had that unsightly growth on your face?” she asked. When I told her all my life, she said “Not your nose, the other one.” Shen then went on to set up an emergency appointment with a (gulp) specialist in such things ... an appointment which I missed because it turned out there was an aircraft accident scheduled for the same time slot and I was busy being first responder instead. So I spent the next week haunting the dermatologist's office and waiting for somebody else to miss their appointment, and calling Bill Bushholz of Rally Green every evening and saying “I'll catch up with you guys soon; no I haven't left yet.” Of course, once the rally started, catching up with it got easier because they were coming west.

Anyway, eventually there was a no-show at the surgery shop, and by the time my new best friend said “It looks like we got it all, good thing you took care of this right away,” Rally Green was down to its last leg: Carson City, Nev., to San Francisco. Carson City is only six hours from the doctor's office, so off I went, woohoo!

8/25/2010 3:17:37 AM

I concur with Jack, and add the following: Remember; there will most likely be another Rally Green, but you only have one face, and regardless of how ugly it may seem, having one is better than losing one. Also congrats on losing the weight; I recently lost 17 pounds and it contributed greatly to my blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels coming back to normal.

Will Ricketts
8/23/2010 4:34:52 PM

Jack, Bummer on the Rally Green, cheers on removing the face thing before it got bad, and big cheers on the weight. I have used that method to make airplanes fly in the past....lose 15 pounds, ergo! the airplane flies better. I am anxious to see the finally finished product on MAX. (I know, I know, it will never be fully finished)

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