MAX Update No. 13: Sleeping Through the Steam

| 10/10/2008 5:11:25 PM

Tags: Auto X Prize, MAX, 100 mpg, Escape from Berkeley,

Steam carriageFriday early a.m.: for the first time ever, MAX got upstaged. Escape from Berkeley is going to be quite an event. I'm so used to being “that weirdo,” but at Shipyard Labs, I'm practically the white sheep of the family.

Here are Shannon O'Hare (foreground) and Kimric Smythe (hiding in the back), lighting up their vegetable oil fired steam carriage. They made their engine out of an old old (1920 or so) air compressor, and they've carried the antique theme all the way from the suspension (none to speak of) to the smokestack (topped with a 19th century spitoon).

That's MAX in the background, looking ordinary and forlorn. Tomorrow (later today, actually) we have lots of work to do, and lucky for me, Sharon slept Thursday night, so she can do it. And lucky for MAX she's not fickle — Kimeric gave her a ride in the steam carriage and she came back with a happy laugh and gleeful smile.

I'm hitting the hay, lulled by the soothing pockata pockata of an idling steam carriage.

Come to the party tonight (Friday), Shipyard Labs, 1010 Murray in Berkeley.


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