Green Transportation

The latest and greatest on the many ways to move around, from electric cars and hybrid vehicles to commuter and electric bikes.

The Next Level of Carpooling

By Haden Kirkpatrick, Esurance

The trend toward fleet-owned, self-driving cars can be a boon for your wallet and a win for the environment — and our wellbeing. On top of saving time, fuel, insurance premiums and high blood pressure (fewer cars means less traffic), here are some of the ways the future of ride-hailing can help shrink our eco-footprint.

Will Self-Driving Cars Be Green? Exploring the Environmental Impacts

By Haden Kirkpatrick, Esurance

Semi-autonomous and self-driving vehicles give us a taste of what will come in the future. But while these innovations bring with them substantial safety improvements, how much impact will they have on the amount of energy consumed by cars?

Phase 2 and Solarrolla

By Brett Belan, Apparent Energy

I will discuss the plans to finish up phase 2 on the solar electric vw bus and introduce you to the latest project, a solar powered scooter.

An Ode to Small Pickup Trucks

By Greg Rossel

As U.S. auto manufacturers scramble to corner the suburban market for overfed pickup trucks, the vehicle needs of working people are being ignored. Whenever my colleagues meet, eventually the conversation comes around to the fact that none of us can find a vehicle that is practical. Maneuverability in tight yards, fuel efficiency, cost of tires and wheels, dependability and frame longevity in regions exposed to a lot of salt, and bed capacity are all being ignored. U.S. manufacturers apparently are operating in a silo, just talking to themselves — content to sell sizzle and bling rather than market usefulness. Here is my ode to the practicality of small pickup trucks.


What It’s Like to Drive a Chevy Volt Hybrid-Electric Car

By David Borden

Driving the Chevy Volt car is a pleasant experience and can be best summed up with the two “Qs”: Quick and Quiet. Read to discover notes on interior, handling, and automation features in the Chevy Volt. I hope you find my experience helpful in making your choice of a next car.

3 Green Transportation Options for City Living

By Maggie Tiede

No one likes sitting in traffic—especially not the eco-conscious among us. If you’re an urban homesteader, you know green travel is tough to manage in the city. What you might not know is that there are a number of strategies that can help you to beat the commuter blues, as well as to better accomplish day-to-day tasks like grocery shopping and recreation. Cut down on driving, step up healthy exercise, and explore new parts of your city, all while knowing you’re helping to reduce emissions and keep the planet healthy!

The Chevy Volt: The Belt and Suspenders of the Automotive World

By David Borden

In keeping with my cautious and frugal Yankee heritage and senior status, I am slowly shedding vehicles and transitioning to a single car. As an interim step, I bought a 2017 Chevrolet Volt Premier with two optional safety and convenience packages, and these are my initial impressions. Learn from this advice for first-time electric vehicle drivers in this Chevy Volt Review.

Electric Trucks and Buses Plug in for Power

By Lydia Noyes

Market growth of heavy-duty electric vehicles is expected to be rapid as charging infrastructure improves nationwide.