Green Living

The ins and outs of green construction and natural building, with specifics on solar design, home insulation and more.

How to Speed up Your Home's Improvement Projects

By Megan Wild

Working with a contractor can be a long, drawn-out process that can negatively impact your wallet and the Earth. Here's how to speed it up.

Small Homes Are Just the Right Size

These homeowners downsized their lives to inhabit hand-built spaces that are easier and cheaper to maintain.

Use Fish for Natural Mosquito Control

By Anna Twitto

Set up an outdoor fish tank to reduce your local mosquito population.

I Built My House for Extreme Weather

By Ed Essex

Features we added to our new home to protect it from severe storm damage.


Green Bathroom Improvements for Your Home

By Megan Wild

Your bathroom is the room in your house that accounts for much of your home's water use. Here's how to combat that with green home improvements.

10 Beautiful and Useful Things You Can Create with Earth Plaster

By Atulya K. Bingham

A short guide to earth (clay) plaster and the amazing things you can do with it.

All About Wood Bugs and Scribing Our First Logs

By Manuela and Frank Mueller

We did know that bugs love freshly sanded logs, but underestimated how many there would be! But we just kept on sanding, picking and scribing so that we could get the second row of our log home set.

6 Tips for a Green Christmas

By Jennifer Tuohy, Home Depot

There are many ways to make this holiday season an eco-friendly one. Here are some ways to celebrate the season in a "green" way.