Utilizing Outdoor Space for Small Homes

| 11/16/2016 9:31:00 AM

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Front view of the deck at our new cabin

When we built our 700-square-foot cabin, we knew we’d be somewhat space-challenged after we moved in — there are five of us, we homeschool, and we do like to spread out with our projects. In anticipation of that, we invested in a large wraparound deck attached to the house, with the idea of spending much of our time there when the weather is nice.

Seasonal Use of Decks and Porches

We have seen this practice implemented by many people living in little homes — sometimes, the outdoor front porch or deck will be even larger than the house itself. Decks, porches and pergolas are wonderful for spreading out a spring or summer brunch, hanging out with friends and watching the sunset, relaxing in a rocking chair with a good book or a needlework project, or even taking a laptop with you and catching up on emails while you soak up some sunshine.

Of course, this isn’t possible at all times of the year. Those who live up north by necessity spend several months every winter inside. Around these parts, what keeps us indoors is mainly the heat, during the peak of which people tend to stay in air-conditioned spaces. However, as we love the outdoors, the smells of nature and fresh air and wind, a deck is a great solution for us.

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