The Importance of Insulation

| 11/23/2016 9:13:00 AM

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plastering walls

Plastering walls to stop glass wool leakage

A few years ago, we rented a charming house on stilts that was situated on a hillside, with a large wraparound porch/balcony. We had a breath-taking view of the valley below, complete privacy and enough space to garden and raise some livestock, and the landlord boasted of the house being eco-friendly. We soon had the chance to test this last claim when the rubber hit the road..

Putting 'Eco-Friendly' Claims to the Test

It was true that the house had a greywater recycling system, which was awesome. It also had many large windows to capture light, which was a great mood-booster for me, as I’m really a sunshine kind of person (I’m lucky to be living in Israel). However, those windows were the weak point of the house insulation-wise – not only were they single-paned, the frames were badly fitted and air could get in through them.

Furthermore, the house itself was built from construction panels plastered on the interior, without any additional insulation in between. It was cold and drafty in winter, and if you’re thinking this isn’t a big issue around here, let me tell you that it can get pretty chilly up in the hills, and a poorly insulated house means that when it’s close to freezing point outside, it isn’t much better inside.

12/6/2016 10:44:45 AM

Insulation is very important in any home to keep it cool or warm.

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