Sustainable Building and Business Conference

| 1/8/2010 4:24:04 PM

Tags: Dan Chiras, renewable energy, green building, green home improvement, energy efficiency, indoor air quality,

Just a quick note to my readers to let you know that the Kansas Institute is sponsoring a one-day conference on the future of building in Wichita, Kansas – "What will the building Industry Look Like in 2010?"

The conference will be held on Friday, Jan. 22, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency in Wichita starting at 9 a.m. Cost is $75.00.

Topics include Profit from Green Building (my talk) and lectures on natural interior finishes, indoor air quality and new approaches to energy efficiency. Register here, or call (316) 650-1633.

See you there!

wendell freeman
1/13/2010 11:27:13 PM

you know it,pat.. anything new-or diffrent from the status quo,is feared and shunned-till us "square pegs"trying to fit in a round world-keep showing them,over and over-till they "realise"that the ideas are sound and -in fact-work..! any goverment built building that doesn't take the extra time to put the piping in the floor-before pouring the concrete-is sutch a waste !..and all it would take is the right person signing a law-or act-..the money-energy saved by radiant floor heat-let alone geo-thermal(included in th foundation piers)would save taxpayers how many billions? step at a time,i guess..

Pat Miketinac
1/12/2010 9:14:22 PM

Kansas. What a great place for tornado proof earth sheltered housing, besides requiring almost no energy for heating and cooling. Government programs ignore this concept, so I doubt that it will even be discussed. Why? I guess because it doesn't cost enough, or is too "non-conformist".

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