Are Straw Mattresses the Natural Bedroom Solution You've Been Looking For?

| 11/10/2016 9:23:00 AM

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Beautiful Buttons On Straw Mattress

Photo by Ziggy Liloia

I’m a classic over-thinker - every decision I make, every purchase I consider, it has to take me like five times as long as a normal human being. Whatever man — I work hard for my money, and I don’t wanna waste it on junk.

It’s this thought process that went into my decision to try out sleeping on a straw mattress. I know, it sounds crazy, just hear me out here.

So it started like this — we had moved across the country to a very small town in central Montana, and the house was fully furnished, meaning there was a gargantuan, very uncomfortable California king sized mattress in the master bedroom. After the landlady agreed to move the mattress out, it was time for us to start mattress shopping.

Pft, as if. One does not simply, go mattress shopping.

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