Keep Your Kitchen Organized With a Shower Caddy

A shower caddy works to hold sponges, soap and other cleaning materials in the kitchen as well as the bathroom.

| October/November 2014

You can use a shower caddy in your kitchen to keep sponges, towels, soap and other items dry and off the counter.

Photo by Tammy Bennett

After I replaced my shower head, the caddy that I had been using for shampoo and soap no longer fit. Rather than throwing it away, I attached it to the side of my kitchen cabinet. I now use the shower caddy in the kitchen so my dishcloths and sponges can dry with good air circulation rather than lying on the damp sink. I even placed a plastic soap dish on the bottom to catch drips.

Tammy Bennett
Wickenburg, Arizona

9/14/2014 5:44:25 PM

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