Setting Up a Solar System and Debarking Logs

| 8/14/2017 9:59:00 AM

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Which solar system will it be?

Well, of course we did a lot of research on solar systems before we decided to start building our log home, but if you’ve never dealt with it hands on and know what to focus on things are really confusing.

We decided to check our average usage the years before and then contact companies to ask for a quote based on that information, letting them know that we needed it for an off grid residential log home, set up on a ground mount system and we intended do the installation ourselves. Doesn’t sound that hard, you’d think!

Five companies, five different quotes, starting at 20,000 up to 80,000 can. Dollars! But they all provided information we learned from and made us set up a 48 V system with: 30 panels at 260 W/each and 12 deep cycle batteries (each with a capacity of 300 amp/hours=3600 amp/hours)


The system also contains a charger controller, an inverter (converting 48 V into 240 V), an AGS (automatic generator starter) that automatically fires up the 17 kw generator  with its 100 l diesel tank as soon as battery voltage drops under a limit that can be set by us, but shouldn’t be below 50 %.


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