What's That Smell Part 2: Renovated House

| 5/30/2013 2:42:00 PM

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clean air EarthI received the following heart-felt letter from a new Grandma.

“I hope you can help!   I am worried about my new 3 week old granddaughter.  My daughter moved into a bank refinished home when she was 7 month pregnant.  The house always smelled of new carpet, paint, and many other unknown smells. Well since the baby’s birth whenever I go to this house I can smell things sometimes even cigarette smoke and nobody smokes. I am very sensitive to smells and my head gets foggy and my throat hurts.  Now the baby has cold symptoms and I think it may be the house.  We open the windows as much as possible but it isn't getting much better. What should we do?

Thank You so much,


Dear Theresa,

Your daughter moved in to a bank refinished home. I think we can safely assume that the products used to “freshen-up” the repo were not chosen for their health and environmental assets but rather for their cheap cost. New paint, new carpeting and perhaps a myriad of other newly introduced pollutant sources are mingled with remnants of pollutants introduced by previous occupants including smoke. The smells are still strong after more than 2 months of trying to air out the home. This is no surprise. Many people with hypersensitivity can detect paint and carpeting for years!  

1/16/2014 10:05:02 AM

Chemicals that companies use can be harmful as well and making sure that they are using the greenest possible solution is critical to making sure your home is safe. One way to eliminate dust and allergens is to have your http://www.doctor-clean.com/services/air-duct-cleaning/ this is a non-chemical way that you can improve air quality in your home. If you are renovating then it is important to make wise choices in terms of the the materials that you bring into your home. There are many natural choices for flooring, and companies that produce carpet that does not leach chemicals. Making sure that you use low or zero VOC paint is definitely something you should consider.

6/1/2013 9:20:16 AM


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