Candlelit Dinners: Finally, Petroleum-Free!

| 9/29/2010 2:38:40 PM

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palm candlesNew York, New York – GoodLight palm wax candles are a sustainable highlight for any event, whether it’s a simple night out at a restaurant or the most anticipated wedding of the season. Paraffin-free, non-toxic GoodLight candles are now available in stores nationwide, as well as online and through select wholesale distributors.

Paraffin versus Palm Wax

Paraffin candles are a staple of nearly every restaurant table. Any restaurateur will tell you that lighting is everything.  Unfortunately, paraffin candles also happen to spew out the same type of toxic fumes that come from a diesel truck.  In fact, recent studies have actually linked the chemicals found in paraffin candle fumes with cancer and birth defects.

Paraffin is made from petroleum, which means that it’s both toxic and non-renewable.  Palm wax, however, comes from palm fruit and is both non-toxic and rapidly renewable.  This makes palm wax candles a cleaner, greener, healthier alternative to paraffin candles.  Another thing that won’t be missed is the black soot that is produced by paraffin candles, which is utterly non-existent with a palm wax candle.

Palm wax is also less expensive than beeswax or soy wax, allowing GoodLight to offer the most affordable paraffin-free candles (by far) on the market.  The cost difference between GoodLight Candles and regular paraffin is literally a difference of pennies, and in some markets GoodLight is actually the cheaper alternative.

Sustainable Dining Doesn’t Stop at the Plate

With the lengths that chefs now go to incorporate healthy, organic, and sustainable foods into their meals, it seems that replacing the dirty paraffin candles on the table with non-toxic, clean-burning GoodLight palm wax candles is the final ingredient needed to create the healthy and holistic dining experience that so many customers are now looking for.

Indeed, sustainability was identified by chefs as one of the hottest trends of 2010 in a recent National Restaurant Association survey.  Chefs, and more importantly their patrons, are pointing to organic ingredients, sustainable kitchen equipment, and the creation of a sustainable experience overall as being the most important trends of this year. Replacing paraffin with non-toxic candles has been an overlooked part of this trend—until now.

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