Paths and Walks: A Lesson in Natural Landscape Design

By working with the contours of the land, restoring native plants, and using natural materials that blend in with their surroundings, a couple turns an overly-artificial country home into a wooded masterpiece.

| July/August 1990


The previous owners cleared a 50-foot-wide swath of forest down to the water's edge and laid a strip of concrete from their back patio down to the shore.


This is the story of how Arthur and Kate Brewster turned a mess into a masterpiece of natural landscape design. 

Back in the early '70s, another couple found the property they'd dreamed about: three acres of woods on the shore a big lake in semirural Ohio. The land sloped gently to the south. A stream ran through it. There was a beautiful old stone foundation in the woods (although the couple never discovered it). And a huge oak tree with a spread of more than 90 feet capped a knoll near the little brook.

So they bought the property. Then they proceeded to destroy it.

First, they cleared away an acre of big beech and maple trees along the road. Then they threw up the most unimaginably conventional house you could ever imagine. This entire cleared area was then planted in lawn grass. A picket fence was built along the highway frontage. Italian poplars and Japanese maples alternated in a military row—dot-dot-dot—along the fence. And, as soon as they had a chance, the couple got someone to mow all the underbrush on the forest floor, taking out shrubs, vines, wildflowers and saplings.

Parklike, they called it.

Now it was time for them to turn their attention to the lake, so they summoned the bulldozers once again, clearing a 50-foot-wide swath of forest right down to the water's edge.

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