Parallel Chord Pallet Trusses

| 12/19/2010 4:01:20 AM

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 Parallel chord truss made with small diameter poles and pallets 

 Parallel chord pallet truss made with small diameter poles and pallets. 

  Web members are cut from pallets 

Web members are cut from pallets. 

If you have access to small diameter trees and wood pallets, and live in an area not restricted by building codes, then this truss design is one good low cost roof option. Small trees are rapidly renewable, and pallets are plentiful and often available for free. Pallet trusses are especially appealing where other sources of wood are unavailable. This design is exciting to me because gradual improvements in sustainable building help make housing more affordable.

The parallel chord truss described here is similar to the one designed by Alfred von Bachmayr, who developed a truss made entirely of salvaged wood pallets. The main difference is the use of small diameter poles for the top and bottom chords in place of pallet material. For von Bachmayr’s article, see The Last Straw Journal, issue #38, The Pallet Truss: A Low Cost Alternative Roof Structure.

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