Otterbine Expands Diffused Air System Offering

| 4/20/2011 12:21:54 PM

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Standard & Module Systems Now Available, Including 2-Dome and
1-Dome Diffuser Manifolds for Increased Flexibility

EMMAUS, PA –Otterbine Barebo Inc. expands their Air Flo 2 diffused air system product line by releasing 2-dome and 1-dome diffuser manifold options to the original 4-dome option. With the release of the 2-dome and 1-dome diffuser manifolds, module Air Flo 2 systems are available through Otterbine allowing customers the unique opportunity to create custom Air Flo 2 systems.

Understanding the Efficiencies of Diffused Air Systems
Although highly effective in ponds and lakes with depths of 6ft–40ft (2m-12m), there is a direct correlation between performance efficiency and depth of operation in diffused air systems. In essence, the greater the depth the more efficient a system will be.

To illustrate, diffused air systems pump air to diffusers at the pond bottom that is released as a column of air that widens as it travels up through the water column. When air is released at deeper depths more oxygen is transferred throughout the water due to a larger area coming in contact with air for a longer duration. In shallower applications there is less opportunity for oxygen transfer due to less area and contact time occurring as air travels up from the pond bottom. In order to achieve the same aeration at shallower depths it is necessary to spread additional manifolds across the pond bottom.

Due to varying depths in most ponds and lakes, Otterbine’s Air Flo 2 Module Systems permit the user to achieve maximum performance efficiencies by determining and placing properly sized manifolds at appropriate locations based off the depth and need of aeration throughout the water feature.

Features of Otterbine’s Air Flo 2 Diffused Aeration System Include:

• Energy Efficient
• Corrosion Resistant
• No Electrical Connections in the Water – Safe for Recreation Ponds
• Choice of Self Cleaning Dome Diffusers (4-dome, 2-dome or 1-dome configurations) or Traditional Air Stone Diffusers
• Operating Depths up to 40ft (12m)
• Shore Mounted Cabinet Provides Quiet Operation and Simplified Servicing
• Clean Air Intake System Improves Performance
• All-Inclusive 2 Year Warranty
• Flow Rates & Oxygen Transfer Rates Independently Tested
• Electrical and Safety Approved by ETL, ETL-C and CE

2 Otterbine Expands Air Flo 2 System Offerings

Available in both 60HZ and 50HZ in single phase, the Air Flo 2 is safety tested and approved by ETL, ETL-C and CE. Standard Air Flo 2 systems come with 4-dome or 6-stone diffuser manifolds; module systems offer the option of 2-dome and 1-dome diffusers. Additional details can be found online at With an extensive distribution and service network established both domestically and internationally, Otterbine is able to provide quality service throughout their entire product line.

Otterbine Barebo, Inc. has been setting industry standards in water quality management for over 60 years by combining both function and beauty with their extensive line of surface aerators, subsurface aerators and giant fountains.

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