New Season of Greensburg Series About to Begin

| 4/23/2010 2:20:00 PM

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Downtown Greensburg 

If you’re interested in green building, the Greensburg series on Planet Green is pretty hard to beat. The third and final season of Greensburg: A Story of Community Rebuilding is scheduled to begin May 2, 2010.

I recently watched season one on DVD and got really hooked on this show. The series begins by showing us footage of the mile-wide tornado that struck Greensburg in 2007, destroying most of the town. But the show is really about what happened next, when residents of Greensburg decided to rebuild their town using green design.

The series offers a close-up look at small town politics. Not everyone gets on board with these new green initiatives, but many community members come together to make it happen. The show follows their progress, and viewers get to learn about green building and see how various building projects do or don’t come together. Watch and see how it all plays out!

More about where to catch the show: Planet Green seems to air past episodes pretty regularly, so if you get this channel at home, you can catch up. Season one is also out on DVD (I got it through my local library). Season two is not out on DVD, but you can purchase episodes from Amazon Ondemand. 5/11/10 Update: The series is also available through iTunes. 

The nearly completed downtown of Greensburg, Kan. Photo courtesy Planet Green. 

Linda Pierucki
4/30/2010 10:23:33 AM

I know that many of the lower-income residents were forced out of Greensburg by this 'green' effort:they couldn't afford to rebuild there with the new standards. Greensburg was undoubtedly dying as there is little industry in the area. Once again, the social engineering crews have destroyed yet another small town.

Allan Quigley
4/30/2010 10:11:59 AM

Yeah another season of greening Greensburg. Has anyone done an analysis of the cost per unit for these structures? With the insurance money, grants, donations, tax credits, etc that have been pumped into the town, what is the actual cost per unit of housing and commercial development. Many people have forgotten that Greensburg was a dying rural community before the tornado struck. Conversations with people who have been there indicate that now its a dying rural community with lots of high tech buildings. While developing green technologies is a wonderful thing and Greensburg helps prove principle, it also demonstrates that given enough money you can do almost anything. Very few of the technologies in place are affordable to the average home owner. Just my thoughts.

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