Are You Interested in Natural Building Techniques?

| 6/9/2009 3:38:58 PM

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For people interested in low-cost, hands-on building, there are many natural building methods to explore.

To name a few: You might consider building a straw bale home, a log cabin, or a timber frame or cordwood house. You might also look at earth-building techniques, including adobe and earth bag construction.

We’d like to know what you think about these types of natural building and about any hands-on experiences you might have had. Have you ever attended a straw bale plastering party? A cordwood-building workshop? Are you interested in learning more about building with adobe?

Share your thoughts and experiences by posting a comment below.

6/19/2009 11:10:45 AM

I am building a compound on five acres in the Southwest USA. In the final phase, there will be a three buildings; a cook room, bathroom and sleeping room. All are under 200 sq ft. which is the minimum requirement for building without a permit. I share the five acres with the aim for 100% self sufficiency and sustainability. Recently the infrastucture was completed which is entirely solar powered. Two huts are recycled and have been restucco-ed with a lime plaster. A book I referenced heavily and recommend is Building Green by Clark Snell. He and co-author Tim Callahan build a guest house with a living roof. Each wall is constructed using cob, strawbale and cordwood techniques. He details the process and living roof construction well.

6/15/2009 12:36:45 AM

My husband and I are really interested in learning more about bouilding with cob.This seems to be as natural as it gets.I need to know more about roofing a cob home.We'd like to do a living roof if possible.

6/14/2009 1:03:33 AM

Impartial information and comparison is sorely needed about building techniques and materials and other relevant matters regarding "alternative bldg techniques and materials"

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