How to Clean a Front-Loading Washing Machine Naturally

| 10/31/2016 1:25:00 PM

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I love my front-loading washer. It has many eco-friendly advantages, such as being energy efficient and using less detergent. The downside is that it can develop a funky smell over time and leave my clean clothing smelling not-so-clean. However, this is avoidable if I clean the washer on a regular basis.

Why Does Your Washer Smell?

There are several reasons a front-loading washer can start to smell:

Adding too much soap or fabric softener. The leftover detergent does not wash away and becomes trapped in the machine and the pipes. This leads to a buildup of mold and mildew, making not only the washer but the entire laundry room smell.

Leaving wet clothes for too long. If you let washed clothing sit for hours before putting it into the dryer, it’s not the washer that’s starting to smell but your clothing.

Cold water. If you only wash with cold water, you aren’t killing the bacteria that builds up over time. Cold water saves money and energy, but it also leaves behind more residue.

7/30/2017 7:29:23 AM

Do these tips work as well for top loading machines?

7/29/2017 10:31:35 PM

Yes BUT. I follow all of these suggestions as a good practice with the exception of the a long EMPTY wash on got. The REAL problem, and I know people who replaced their washers because the couldn't get rid of the smell, is the WASHING MACHINE PUMP. The pump is behind the front access panel. It consists of a strainer/trap and the pump itself. The trap while needed is the culprit. Some how bits and pieces, like socks, washcloths can get trapped. This can result in error codes and/or nasty smells. To clean: the water is emptied via the waste hose with a "shop-vac" and then opened and cleaned. Lots of videos on how too. I did this on numerous occassions but my pump finally gave up after battling nasty little plastic toothpicks. So I replaced the entire pump. Hey surprise wash after wash no smell.

7/28/2017 1:42:41 PM

Sounds like that water saver has to be run on its own empty 2xs a month. Not saving much there . Let alone the time you have to use for Maintenance to keep mold from growing. No thanks.

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