Have you Considered Renewable Energy for Your Home?

| 4/14/2009 3:41:19 PM

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Have you considered installing renewable energy systems at your home? For example would you be most likely to have a wind turbine, or solar electric panels? Have you thought about a solar water heater, a solar space heater or solar-powered outdoor lights?

Tell us what you’ve considered and why; whether you’re dreaming big or starting small; and how far in the future you hope to be able to make it happen.

If you’re looking for more information on your options, this article, All Kinds of Solar, is a quick list of the many different ways people use solar energy. Another good introduction to home-scale renewable article is the article Choosing Renewable Energy, which discusses one couple’s efforts to get off the grid with wind power, solar power and wood heat.


sherry majors
4/26/2009 8:45:07 AM

My sons and I would love to stop paying our co-op. our electric bill in the winter with all the farm electric that has to be used is over $300.00 a month! yes we would love to have wind/ solar but where do we start? we raise our own food try to live with my disability pay, there isn't much left. Is there help out there?

dotti _1
4/25/2009 4:33:34 PM

we have made many changes to your home to be more energy eff. but i want to do more. but i am having a hard time find wind or solar power companys to purchase these items from. not sure what to buy. we recycle every thing. we grow our own food that we can. i want to do more but i am confused about solar or wind. there is nothing near by to purchase a solar system or wind even both. please help

4/21/2009 2:45:23 PM

Hello everyone, Few months ago, i saw an ad for a alternate energy from stationary bike in the mother earth magazine. Unfortunately lost the information. Does anyone have the info. Some websites listing similar one for $900 but i dont remember that price for the bike. Any information will help. Please pass one any website links or company name who manufactures those. thanks, Anitha.

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