How to Green Clean and Organize Your Fridge

| 2/28/2017 1:30:00 PM

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A refrigerator can become a bottomless pit of expired food and leftovers. If you are not careful, food can go bad just based on how you are storing it and the temperature of your fridge. This creates unnecessary waste, which is bad for your wallet as well as the environment. Here are some helpful hints for keeping food fresh and lasting longer, reducing your waste and saving you grocery money at the same time.

Be Cool. Your fridge should be set to between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. If you go higher than this, you risk your food spoiling too quickly. Go too low, and your food freezes (not to mention you end up wasting energy). Use a fridge thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature to be safe.

Use the Drawers. If you have crisper drawers, use them for produce and set the humidity controls to keep produce fresh. Use your deli drawer to keep meat separate from fruits and veggies to avoid cross-contamination.

Go High. Keep your dairy, eggs and milk on the top and middle shelves where the refrigerator temperature is coldest.

Say No to Clutter. When your fridge is cluttered, the air cannot circulate around the food to keep it cool, allowing spoilage to happen more easily. Keep food in size-appropriate containers.  Potatoes, onions, citrus fruit and tomatoes do not need to be refrigerated until they’ve been cut into. Remove these and make room for other items. 👈 go here
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