How to Find the Right-Sized Town for You

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This Way To Small Town 

Primarily, the goal is to find a community that you feel a sense of belonging to and in an area that you love and can successfully build. Often a person grows up in a region and is acclimatized to it and would not be comfortable elsewhere. Others may have traveled and found a new region that they prefer. Still others can afford two homes, and for them, living seasonally is what they love.

Mapping Your Region

People in groups are also known as the community or population. Population is a number, but people are individuals with needs for a sense of belonging, privacy, access to resources, a healthy environment, security, and a gainful employment — regardless of the community size. The problem is that quality of life and population don’t scale in a linear way. Generally speaking the quality of life varies with the population size.

Dimensions of Population





Extended family

Sense of belonging, no privacy


Large company building

Everyone knows about you, no privacy


Urban high school campus

Everyone has seen you, no privacy


Small isolated town

Limited local resources, limited privacy


Suburban city

Resource centers, isolation, crime, long commute


Metropolitan city

Many resource centers, isolation, crime, pollution

Now let’s ‘put a tack on the map’ and locate a town where you would love to build your home. Obtain a current state highway map. If the map doesn’t contain population listings for each city then you’ll need to look it up from other sources like Wikipedia. Attach the map with tape or spray glue to a foam core board, corkboard, or cardboard so that it will hold tacks placed on the map. Using a set of different color tacks, place a color-coded tack on each city based on its population and proximity to urban centers.

Tack Color Map Legend 👈 go here
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