How to Cut a Nice Strait Sill Log Without a Proper Work Place or Equipment

| 9/21/2017 9:49:00 AM

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After the snow had finally melted and all of the logs were peeled by mid-April, we took the next step and started to choose the right sill logs. To get a better idea on how long the logs were and which diameter they had, Frank measured them and wrote down everything. This would make picking the right logs a lot easier. 

Don't wonder about the "Genglish" (German/English).

Our log list in 'genglish' German/English

Creating a Level Cutting Place

The next thing was to create a nice level work place and more challenging, to figure out a way to get a really strait cut over the complete length of the log without having a sawmill or any other kind of pre-assembled system to place the chainsaw mill on top of.

log set up

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