'Green' Patio Options for Lighting, Furniture, and More

| 6/3/2016 4:26:00 PM

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The simple act of being outside just feels eco-friendly, doesn't it? Using nature's heating and air conditioning, soaking up Mother Earth's natural light and enjoying the serenity of a starlight night is not only good for the soul, but it's excellent for your energy bill. And the more comfortable and appealing your patio, garden or deck area is, the more time you'll spend out there. Make spending time outdoors even more eco-friendly by following some of these suggestions.

Light it Up

Enhance your outdoor space with some subtle lighting so you can enjoy it well into the evening hours. Today, there are lots of eco-friendly lighting options available, including no-energy solar, low-energy LED and light-pollution reducing fixtures.

Simple, solar-powered post lights placed around your patio or deck will soak up their light during the day and deliver a soft glow for you at night. These are excellent low-cost, no-energy solutions for areas where you don't have (or want) wires.

If you do have an electrical line installed, LED lanterns will offer a little more brightness. These low-powered, long-lasting, eco-friendly lights are an excellent solution for lighting up your patio area, as there is a wide-variety of shapes, sizes and styles on offer to suit any aesthetic.

To really maximize your view of the stars, consider investing in "Dark Sky" lighting fixtures that are designed to reduce light pollution.

6/4/2016 1:14:36 PM

There's no such thing as "no-energy solar". Running lights from a solar charged battery is always MUCH more expensive than grid electricity across most of the world. They only make sense when it's completely impractical to run wiring to your lights. I find aluminum frame folding lawn chairs with synthetic straps invaluable. Inexpensive, very comfortable, easy to store/haul, last for decades with no more maintenance than hosing them off, and almost entirely recyclable at the end of their life.

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