Would You Consider Installing Home Solar-Electric Panels?

| 10/8/2010 11:47:20 AM

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solar panel installationPresident Obama recently announced the White House Plans to Install Rooftop Solar Panels as part of the country’s mission to cut carbon emissions. As solar technology has become a more popular form of reliable and renewable energy production in recent years, the number of home solar-electric panels has increased. Solar energy grew at a record pace in 2009, increasing U.S. solar capacity by 37 percent, doubling the size of the residential photovoltaic market. There are now state and federal incentives and tax breaks for home solar installations.

We’d like to know more about what you think about solar energy as part of a renewable energy future. Would you consider installing solar-electric panels on your home? What factors have influenced — or would influence — your decision? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below! 

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10/30/2013 9:11:19 AM

Panels do not have to be installed on roof.

10/30/2013 9:08:13 AM

Absolutely, I just want to know who is legitimate to buy parts from. I need to know good, fair price of solar cells, respect1953@gmail.com If anyone has any good advice I would appreciate it. On SSI and I have to cut some costs somewhere. $469. moth won't cut it, trying to homestead. Thanks, Sharon

John Fitz55
10/31/2010 10:01:16 AM

I would like to install solar hot water to run radiant heat system. It would also heat my domestic hot water.Two major bills would be slashed dramaticly. and in the summer it also helps cool the house by running cool water underneath my floors in my one story ranch with a crawl space. I have read about companys that lease systems, where you pay off the price of the installation and equipment in monthly installments. I would rather be able to purchase system thru monthly installments and install myself so as to make it more economical to do on a fixed income. This would reduce my carbon footprint and make it a better world for those that follow me. John Fitz55

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