Guide to Green-Roof Options for Your Home

| 5/14/2015 10:04:00 AM

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Green building isn’t a trend; it’s here to stay. Now, more than ever, homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes – and how they live inside them – greener. What started as simple recycling has grown into energy efficient appliances, new building techniques and materials that once would have seemed like props for science fiction movies.

When considering how to make your home greener, while also saving money and the environment, you may have missed out on one potential area of improvement: your roof.

Keep reading to learn more about why roofs are an excellent option for going green, questions to ask contractors and options for lessening the environmental impact of your home.

Why Start with the Roof?

Think about it. Roofs are the largest unused space of your home. While they serve an important function – protecting your home and its contents – they’re typically not areas that many people focus on for aesthetics or functionality. They’re largely just “there.” This makes them a blank canvas, a great starting point for improving your home’s green factor.

Green roofs, like those mentioned below, can help insulate your home, protecting against heat and cold in a way that standard shingles can’t. Additionally, over the lifetime of the roof, it can save the average homeowner about $200,000. Some options even give back to the environment and species living within it.
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Hey! I really do agree with what this article states! Solar panels are worth it. If you're new to all this stuff you can even install an app which can do the calculations for you, and I think eventually you'll start to understand everything ;) It's important to start caring about the future and our environment... I'll repeat after the author: "the benefits to the environment, along with the fun of having a green roof, may be worth it in the long run." Regards, Sarah

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