Green Stormwater Management & Your Home

| 5/12/2017 10:51:00 AM

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If you live in an area that is prone to an extended dry season or a general lack of rainfall, you already know how difficult it can be to maintain houseplants, outdoor flowerbeds, gardens or crops. Complicating the matter even further is the fact that some U.S. states have begun restricting or outlawing rainwater collection. Despite the emergence of new laws, storm-water collection is a growing practice throughout our country.


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Using Rain Barrels to Harvest Stormwater

Stormwater that has been collected and stored for later use has many applications in and around the home. Though it's not potable without proper filtration or purification, some frugal homesteaders and do-it-yourselfers have begun using this water to wash dishes, bathe and, in some cases, to drink.

Rain barrels are among the most popular methods for harvesting stormwater. Suitable for use in both densely packed urban environments and remote countryside communities, these offer a relatively easy and inexpensive introduction to the practice.

Many small-scale farmers and gardeners rely on rain barrels for their crops. The rain does a fantastic job of irrigating gardens and fields while it is falling. Those who practice stormwater collection can rely on their rain barrels on days that are sunny and dry. Motivated homesteaders are able to make the most out of the rain that falls on their property by collecting, storing and using stormwater appropriately.
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