A Driftwood Plastic Bag Dryer

A homemade plastic bag dryer helps with washing and reusing plastic bags — plus, you can build it out of recycled or salvaged materials.

| June/July 2016

plastic bag dryer

This homemade plastic bag dryer doubles as a thoughtful souvenir because it’s made from driftwood scavenged at a reader’s favorite vacation beach.

Photo by Linden Staciokas

We recycle and reuse plastic sandwich bags and other food-storage bags that come our way, but for years we were frustrated by how to dry the insides of the bags after rinsing them. Eventually, my husband constructed a special plastic bag dryer out of driftwood that we gathered at one of our favorite vacation beaches. You could just as easily make this design from a plank and dowels, if that’s what’s available to you.

The prongs of our plastic bag dryer are about a foot tall and of different thicknesses. You can make yours any size, but the bottom needs to be wide enough to support the prongs without tipping over. Drill holes into the base and then glue the prongs into the holes to ensure they stay securely in place.

This contraption sits on my counter near the sink. When I use it, I’m helping the environment and my pocketbook by reusing plastic bags, but my favorite part is that I’m reminded of our beloved beach. As a bonus, this driftwood dryer is cheaper and more useful than most generic vacation souvenirs!

Linden Staciokas
Fairbanks, Alaska

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