2 Cleaning Tips for Eco-Friendly Homeowners

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Photo by temizlik/Fotolia
Avoid buying expensive name brand duster pads by making your own from leftover fabric scrap or old linens.

I have two cleaning tips that save me both time and money. First, I make reusable duster pads for my name brand duster out of old towels and flannel sheets. I used one of the original pads for my pattern and then cut out new duster pads with pinking shears. You can serge around the edges to make them last even longer, and you can wash and reuse these homemade pads many times. Doing this saves money and keeps so many of those disposable name-brand pads from heading to the landfill.

Here’s another tip for savvy cleaners: I’ve found that if the outsides of your glass pans have baked-on grease stains, you can let them dry and then use extra-fine sandpaper to remove the stains. This technique for cleaning glass pans works great, doesn’t scratch the pan, and is cheaper and easier than using soap pads, which require a lot of elbow grease.

Jonnie Bart
Harrison, Arkansas